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Press Release Anne Zavalnaya Art Center
                                                                                             Creative Art-Hotin Group
                                                                            Valentina Kozyar, Mikhail Kyrylenko, Ivan Kyrylenko
                                                                                              "Undisclosed secrets"
                                                                                                   30.08 - 14.09
                                                                                                                                                                       This sincerity gives the pictures a character,
                                                                                                                                                                      Which makes them look like a protest, while
                                                                                                                                                        The artist tried only to express his feelings. "
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Edward Mane
     Creativity is a way of meditation, the transfer of spiritual experience, which is accumulated throughout life. Project ,, unsolved mystery "- a way of knowing where their creative works of artists Bucovina looking for answers to such simple and eternal questions of life. It is a journey to the horizon, creative journey, where asking questions and looking for answers ... Works of artists like creature - an equation with many unknowns. Understandable, but both sophisticated in its philosophy of artists, spark ignited secret, combined inexplicably get the ability to be, to feel, to think. Flat weaving colorful colors captures highlights from the current time Momentarily, fulfills the soul with emotions, desires and feelings.A interest in being in all its manifestations determines the phenomenon of true art - the work becomes a bridge of communication, meeting the viewer from the outside and the world view from the middle of the canvas.Having the path of individual preferences, the Bukovyna artists can, through the personal vision, pass on the whole range of the surrounding Their self-sufficiency in the painting acquires features of symbolic images. Apparently, therefore, the external storyline inferior to the inner dialogue of feelings.
      The creative team ,, Art Hawtin "belongs to the galaxy of artists and innovators. Mystery their thinking, an original way to convey the essence of things, communication and present times, is what distinguishes and unites artists Bukovina. The creative team created in 2010 united work artists - Valentina Kozyar, Michael and Ivan Kirilenko. In a short time the group made itself a great creative property. Kozyar Valentine, Michael Kirilenko and Ivan Kirilenko are members of national and international art festivals, exhibitions and symposia. Michael Kirilenko o received training on the art and graphics department LIGHTS c. Odessa in 1971., is one of the founders of the first art school in Bukovina in. Khotyn. Worthy students and pryyemnykamy his work are his son Ivan Kirilenko and Valentine Kobzar. Higher art education Valentine Kozyar was in 1984. art and graphics department OHPI c. Odessa. Ivan Kirilenko received art education in Vyzhnytsky college of arts and crafts, then continued his studies at Chernivtsi University. Fedkovicha
       Good painting is like good music, where one note, one sound - nothing, but intuitively found the sequence and the ratio of music and sounds, make its harmony. That is why, communicating with the paintings of artists of the creative group "Art-Khotin", it is impossible to remain indifferent, the only way - to give in to emotions and plunge into their living "civilization of color".
Works of artists are in private collections, museums of Ukraine and abroad
                                                                               Anne Zavalnaya Art Center Kyiv, Starovodnitskaya 31
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