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The "dilemma"
The exhibition will run from 29. 03 to 17.04. 2017r.v Vinnytsia Regional Center for Contemporary Art Gallery "Art Chic"
Exhibition opening 29bereznya (Wednesday) at 17.00
,, Isnuyetilky one tsinnarich art;
You can not yohopoyasnyty. "
 Georges Braque
The dilemma - the word hretskohopohodzhennya. Meaning need vyborumizhdvomamozhlyvostyamy. Acceptance of any yakohorishennya - tseposhukvariantiv, znaydennyakompromisiv. The "dilemma" concludes a circle etychnyhpytan; sensnashohobuttya, freedom and responsibility. But tsevodnochas and samovyrazhennyamysttsiv through the emotions and experiences of certain aspects yakizmushuyuthlyadachazamyslytys nashohozhyttya.
     The "Dilemma" - a unique synthesis of color, and nasychenostiobraziv hlybynyzmistu. Exposure - svoyeridnyydialohizhlyadachem, adzheobrazyprovokuyut to rozdumivschodopevnyhfilosofskyh problems in zanuryuyutlyudynu yiyivnutrishniysvit, yakyypryhovuye in sobibilsheinformatsiyi, nizhpovsyakdennezhyttya. Spravzhniyhudozhniytvirrozumiyetsya as deschozhyve. And it means that how deeply we would not spryymalyhudozhniy image in nomuzavzhdylyshayetsyadeschonezrozumile and endless, exciting us every time when we spryymayemotsey image. Therefore, spilkuyuchysiz paintings artists, can not remain indifferent, the only way - to surrender to emotions and immerse themselves in their living "civilization color."
     Creative group "Art Hawtin" - a galaxy of artists and innovators, established in 2010, which brings together creative artists Bukovina; Valentina Kozyar, Michael and his son Ivan Kyrylenko. Participants self-sufficient group and acknowledged masters, but together they form an interesting phenomenon in the art of Bucovina. Michael Kirilenko is one of the founders of the first art school in Bukovina. Khotyn. Worthy followers of his work were his disciples Valentine Kozyar and son Ivan Kirilenko. The artists are members of national and international art festivals, auctions, symposia and exhibitions. Their works are in private collections, museums Ukraine and abroad.
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Creative group "Art Hawtin" project "heaven and earth"
 Creative group "Art Hawtin" refers to artists -novatoriv painting. Established in 2010, it combines the work of Bukovina artists - Valentina Kozyar, Michael and Ivan Kirilenko. Mystery their thinking, an original way to convey the essence of things, communication and present times, is what distinguishes and unites those artists.
Artists creative group "Art Hawtin," do not look for a black cat in a dark room and do not try to reinvent the wheel. Having absorbed the best traditions of Ukrainian art schools, Odessa and Lviv are working towards figurative art. The synthesis of these schools creates unique color saturation and depth of images in the paintings of artists.
With deep philosophical outlook, Bukovina artists create their images. Their works - it appeals to man's inner world, to the knowledge of his inner - me. This special spiritual essence of man, transferred to a special creative manner. Their world - a world on the reverse side, a man with his versatility. And above all this - the eternal transformation of things when they are maintaining their external form, are moving into something else. And what? These issues, as well as their answers is the essence of the "heaven and earth".
Valentine Kozyar, Michael and Ivan Kirilenko are members of national and international art festivals and exhibitions, auctions. Michael Kirilenko graduated from the department of art and graphics LIGHTS c. Odessa in 1971. Continued my career in Bukovina, where he became the founder of one of the first art school in the city. Hawtin. The artist creates amazing images, each of which provokes the viewer a variety of emotions: a sense of warmth and good sunlight that envelops everything (painting "Trinity," "Silence of the Mountains", "Fountain", "The voice of my soul").
A good follower of the work of his father is Ivan Kyrylenko, received art education in Vyzhnetskomu college of arts and crafts, then continued his studies in Chernivtsi University. Handicrafts. Colour Ivan Kyrylenko - impressive, despite the fact no infringement of superficial virtuosity. Writes easily and naturally, his art is not a passive reflection, and is an integral part of the life ... (of "heaven and earth", "Secret gift", "Born Sun")
             An important influence on the work of Valentina Kozyar had her teacher Michael Kirilenko. Her works reflect reality through the prism of thoughts and feelings of the artist. However, the lack of specificity in images allows the viewer to complete the image through their own feelings, thoughts and emotions ( "Dilemma," "If I knew how to fly," "The Wanderer", "The cloud", "Inspiration" and others). Pictures portretuvannya create the illusion of the unknown characters, we turned to our own reflections, they are so-called mirror inward man.
The "heaven and earth" - is deep and nezradlyve that expresses the true nature of man. The voice of the artist's soul speaks with generous candor. He conducts himself, the creator and man through spiritual origins, through trial confession on his canvases, not leaving anything hidden, nevyskazanoho. We must have great fortitude and the will to act in art with this revelation. The perception of art is determined associative richness of visual range, especially experience "contemplation" works of art. Real art always helps and encourages spiritual awakening, growth and transformation rights.
The craftsmen creative group "Art Hawtin" not being chased by popularity outrageous, provocation and kitsch. They just work, and a lot of soul. Therefore, communicating with their paintings, it is impossible to remain indifferent, the only way - to surrender to emotions and plunge into their living "civilization color." Artists adequately represent the Ukrainian contemporary art at any level, as evidenced by the large number of creative group exhibitions, both in Ukraine and abroad. The works of artists are in private collections and museums in Ukraine and abroad.