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at the crossroads of Schools


“In art only that person is capable to say something

new who is uneducated enough so as not to know that

everything has already been said”

(Gabriel Laub).


      The artists of art group ART-HOTYN do not look for black cat in the dark room and do not try to invent a wheel. Having absorbed traditions of the best Ukrainian art schools: Odessa and Lviv art schools, the artists are working towards figurative art at the territory of Bukovina. Synthesis of these schools generate unique coloration, intension of characters and depth of sense in pictural paintings of the artists.

     Art group ART-HOTYN is a bright representative of modern art, which was created in 2010. Each of the artists – Mykhailo Kyrylenko, his son Ivan Kyrylenko and Valentyna Kosyar – is a self-sufficient creator, and together they form interesting phenomenon in art of Bukovina.

      Having graduated from Odessa Pedagogic Institute Mykhailo Kyrylenko and Valentyna Kosyar absorbed traditions of North Russian impressionism and fineness, which is common to Odessa art school and is shown in laborious work of artists at the painting, careful selection of coloristic shades and composition solution.

      Afterwards they continued their creative development in Bukovina where Lviv school has made important influence on the artists. That is why common to it bright ornamental qualities of pictural art can be found in works of artists, and the incline on realistic tendencies can be seen in the composition basis of the works. Picturesque works of Mykhailo Kyrylenko distinguish themselves by monumental shapes, pure and light colors. The outstanding characteristics of paintings by Mykhailo Grygorovych are wonderful sense of proportion and delicacy in the process of transfer of real and symbolic in shapes, which imperceivably transform and flow on the painting, inspiring imagination to understanding and addition them by the viewer himself.

       In his works the artist rethink the topics of Ukrainian folk art, illustrate fabled beings, characters from literary writings and legends. Figurative character takes central place on the paintings of the artist. The background constitutes decorative colored panel, which spreads out in the process of forming of the subject image. The forms are built with observance of proportion of human body. Modeling of space is rude enough, straight distinct lines prevail. Color composition is based on contrasting of color combination. All that originate incredible characters, each of them invokes the variety of emotions with the viewers: feelings of warmth of sun rays and kindness, that enwraps everything around (pictures «Prayer», «Bird of Happiness», «Autumn chord», «Melody mountain»), romantic mood, feeling of mysteriousness and hope «Morning dreams», «Lady»).

      The youngest representative of the group Ivan Kyrylenko in his creative work remained faithful to traditions and approach which he has leant from his father. But as distinct from Mykhailo Grygorovych the painting of Ivan is sophisticated and delicate. Compositions are dynamic, full of move and feelings. Works of Ivan are distinguished by freshness and easiness of perception. In his works the artist addresses himself to sensitive topics which never leave indifferent the viewers (pictures «Song sounds», «Molfar», «In the moonlight», «Cat Vasko», «Blossom ferns», «In the warm glow of»).

      The heart and active member of the group is Valentyna Kozyar. Her teacher – Mykhailo Kyrylenko has made important influence on her during her creative development. Her pictures are distinctive by brave color decisions, mysteriousness of image and delicacy of composition. Character and background may interplace, some parts of background may be a detail of character forming new variant of the character. Color decision is mostly based on tonal and half-tonal relationships. Her works highlight reality in the light of thoughts and feelings of the artist. At the same time absence of concretion in paintings involves the viewer to the completion of the character of the painting himself, through his own feelings, thoughts and emotions (works «By the shores of Good Hope», «Unseen feedback», «Autumn rendezvous», «Premonition of spring», «Single note melody», « Inspiration»).

       Characters create illusion of painting of portraits of unknown personages, which appeal to us with our own reflection, it is some kind of mirror of internal world of the viewer. Perception of the paintings is defined by the richness of associative visual array, primarily experience of observing of works of art.

      Art of group ART-HOTYN highlights distinguishing features of oil painting of Odessa and Lviv art schools in combination with colouring of Bukovina and worldview of each artist, which overflows in the original art language in modern art. Paintings of Bukovina artists involve us to the journey among characters and things which maintaining their external shape transform into something new, not figural but abstract.

      The artists are decent representatives of modern Ukrainian art at any level, what is proved by large amount of exhibitions of the art group, both at the territory of Ukraine and abroad.