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"unsolved mysteries"

What was then done, and what will be done.

And there is nothing new under the sun.

Sometimes something they say ...

Ekklesyast "The only way to escape from the banality - Art."

Oscar Wilde

      So now arranged the mind and feelings of modern man that he was more interested in things and events surreal. Why so? Perhaps press information every day turns into routine and banality of our five senses. Contrary to what question to the beyond and the unknown. As side of the moon, unseen, but there is implicit in its impact on us, but in anticipation of this, like all other hidden predchuvstvuemoy. The "unsolved mysteries" brings together different images in one space, creating the illusion portretyrovanyya unknown characters, addressed to us our own reflections. Toy, masks image appeals to our fine line realities of life in which each of us and the emperor, and servant in endless RPGs zhizni.Valentina Kozyar, Michael and Ivan Kirilenko in the works of the "unsolved mystery" subtly accompany us in the journey of the characters and things, still retaining its material form already moving into something different, non-figurative. abstract. The eternal game of life - real transformation to the sending and back. As is well comforted marnoslaviem and inaction, think where you are going? I stop for a moment, turned to himself. Unsolved mysteries with the characters inhabiting it gives us this luxury.


                                                                                           ,, The only way to escape from the banality Art. ,,

Oscar Wilde

    Everything has its connection cvoyu reason, nothing happens by accident! ... So now arranged mind and a sense of modern man, he was more interested in things and events surreal. Why so?
      Perhaps press information every day turns into routine and commonplace lyat our feelings. Project ,, ,, conversation eventually combines different images in one space, creating the illusion portretyrovanyya unknown characters, addressed to us our own otrazheniyami.Ihrushechnost, dressed image appeals to our fine line realities of life in which each of us and the emperor, and servant in endless RPGs life.
     Project Bukovina artists subtly accompanies us in the journey of the characters and veshey that, still retaining its shape veshestvennuyu already moving on to something else, non-figurative, abstraktne.Odvichna game of life - a real transformation in the sending and back. As is well comforted marnoslaviem and inaction, think where you are going? I stop for a moment, turned to himself.
   Project ,, ,, conversation eventually unites creative artists Bukovina - Valentina Kozyar, Michael and John Kirilenko. Contacting vnutrennimu of the human mind, an attempt to understand morality, ethics occurs over a long period helped to create a creative project. Michael Kirilenko yavlyaetsya acknowledged master of the seventies generation ,, ,, It is one of the founders of the first art school in Bukovina in Hotyne. It was Michael Kirilenko is high aesthetic tuning fork in cultural and artistic life Khotina. His work and his students are working in many galleries, museums Ukraine and abroad, in private and museum collections. How important it is when the teacher put next to his students. Valentine Kozyar and Ivan Kirilenko worthy receivers and followers of his work. The symbolic event was the exhibition of works by one of his pupil Furlet Anatolia, which is located adjacent room. In the work of artists of Bukovina intertwined Odessa and Lviv school of fine art, creating a unique palette of colors, your images will not leave anyone indifferent.


Creative Group , Art Hawtin ", Ukraine

Valentine Kozyar , Michael and Ivan Kirilenko



The only way to escape the banality - Art "

O. Wilde


                Creative Group , Art Hawtin "belongs to the galaxy of artists and innovators of modern Ukrainian art. Established in 2010, it obyednala creative artists Bukovina - Valentina Kozyar , Michael and Ivan Kirilenko. During the short term group declared itself a great artistic heritage. Artists creative team ,, Art Hawtin "not looking for a black cat in a dark room and do not try to reinvent the wheel. Having absorbed the best traditions of Ukrainian schools: Odessa and Lviv , artists working towards figurative abstract art. The synthesis of these schools creates a unique flavor , richness and depth of images in paintings artists.

              With deep philosophical outlook , artists create their Bukovina images. The project , Internal Dialogue " - a reference to the inner world of man , to the knowledge of its internal - I. The world naked eye of the artist , contains a potential convert. Eternal life game - a real transformation in the unreal , and vice versa. Their world - a world on the backside, a man with her ​​versatility. and above it - perpetual transformation of things where they are maintaining their external form , is transformed into something else. and in what? These questions and answers as is the essence of their work . Draft contains a point of dialogue with the audience , causing some to think of things to stay to see the world from a different perspective . name the project , internal dialogue " not only reveals the visible content of the work of artists as he passes a special state of the world in which we find ourselves. Experiencing uncertain times revive Ukraine , artists can not remain indifferent to the events taking place in Ukraine . Response to these events are paintings by Valentina Kozyar -, to the shores of Good Hope " ,,, Unseen feedback ," Michael Kirilenko -, , prayer ,,, Bird of Happiness ", is their belief in the bright future Urayiny.Spovneni energy , positivity and faith , paintings by Ivan Kirilenko ,, Song sounds ", ,, Molfar " - embodies the aspirations and bright hopes, but they are passive reflection as an integral part of the life with the hope of a better European future of Ukraine . Presenting a creative project of Greece , we want to introduce the Greek audience with the modern culture of Ukraine , our work does not need to be translated and is a reproduction of our internal culture. presenting our project we know and believe that our work will resonate in the hearts of the audience , because human values ​​are equally understood by all.

        Artists Kozyar Valentine , Michael and Ivan Kirilenko are members of the National and international art festivals, exhibitions , auctions, adequately represent the Ukrainian contemporary art at any level , as evidenced by numerous exhibitions of creative groups, both in Ukraine and abroad . The artist's works are in private collections and museums in Ukraine and abroad.

WEALTH Roll-era on canvas

The cultural panorama

     Visit the next stepping stone leading artists of the present inhabitants of the city and region are visiting the exhibition opening which was held on 25 June in the city council.
    The presented exhibition - a combination of various styles, genres of painting, drawing, weaving. Grey, drawn in pencil paintings of Kamenetz-Podolsk Klyapetury John were among the nayprymitnishyh. They first caught the attention of interesting content. "Indian destiny" - work, where the symbolic figure shows all milestones in a woman's life. The same is meaningful and his "Doomed": the picture teenager chasing pigeons, growing and ... sick.
     This work - a story about childhood bezhmarnist where cancer - a river creature and not a fatal disease. Before her fans even artist "Hats" took off, says this work could explore the history of hats.
     Abstract imprint imagination oils painted with artist Michael Khotina Kirilenko. In his works - outstanding historical figures, heroes of the classics, legends. As an ode to love him with Lucas and Nymph "Forest Song" essay "Thinking lynu to You", a symbol of feminine beauty "Lybid" ... "The exhibition contains not only plot-rich, professional work, for they can read the story. Thus, the heroine of artist Michael Kirilenko dressed in red dress, the color is not to create a good visual effect, and it symbolizes the wedding dress, the traditions of our ancestors, "- says the artist of the winery Valentine Kozyar.
      The artist also presented its semantic abstraction. In reflection of the inner world, the author as the rest of the exhibitors, was able to separate picture tell about the style, the era of the city, particularly on canvas "Venice" works illustrate the heroes of "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" quiet extravaganza "Morning Call" and more.
Differed from the rest because of labor here was not brush and floss, tapestry Vladimir Petrovsky. They tradition Tripoli culture, symbols edge. Stylish, is extraordinary and posters of Vladimir Karvarsarnoho who dedicated work of Ivan Franko famous people.
... The role of the artist - lokanichno, elegantly generations of different ages, cultures and emotions. Comforting, now these talents are. They welcomed the walls of city council executive committee managing the affairs Lyudmila Cherevchenko and Chairman of the Regional Union of Artists of Ukraine Mikhail Mastykash.

The creative team ,, ART Hawtin "
,, Timeless "
Painting, sculpture
Museum shop IPKavaleridze, Andrew's Descent 21

    Creation image - the basis of any work, claiming to be called art. Creative design ,, Out of Time "- is the instant choice between true and false, black and white cattle drowsiness and anxiety creative exploration. But if it is to know what is right, go right or turn left to a fabulous hero, not only not to lose the horse and his life, but also to get his dream. The real work starts only when it is full of life experience, wisdom and spirituality. This is especially true of creative artists Art Hawtin ,, ",, which give" - ​​means and create "and ,, do" - it means to live.
The creative team ,, Art Hawtin "- a bright representative of contemporary art, established in 2010.
Each of the artists - Michael Kirilenko, his son Ivan Kirilenko, Valentine Kozyar and sculptor Ivan Klyapetura, creators are self-sufficient, which together form an interesting phenomenon in the art of Bukovina. At different times, following art-graphic faculty of Odessa pedagogical institute, they absorbed the best traditions of Impressionism and inherent elegance Odessa school. Michael Kirilenko founder of the first art school in Hotyne, creates his paintings in heart and soul, his painting full of feelings and emotions that leaves no one indifferent. Pryyemnykamy worthy son of his work are Ivan Kirilenko and Valentine Kozyar. At various times, they continued their careers in Bukovina, where a significant influence on artists had Lviv school. Union of shared vision, they created a creative group that successfully present their creative projects in Ukraine and abroad.
     The craftsmen creative team ,, Hawtin Art "- are the creators of images: direct and mysterious, refer to the inner, spiritual human condition with its versatility. The project ,, Out of Time" communicates to the viewer than specific objects, artists interested challenger - ,, catch the elusive "moment of transition from one state to another - more precisely, a sense of metamorphosis. Certain tuning fork, which has a special tone project serve sculptures John Klyapetury. Simple materials in the capable hands of the masters are fine works, acquire unique form, come to life and are forced to think . Creative design ,, Out of Time "with simple material existence grows into a spiritual one. It is not a miracle, but it demonstrates the art of our continuity in the land, his project artists argue that these human values ​​are ,, Out of Time "as the real work.
The works of artists are in private collections, museums Ukraine and abroad.

Project "Dilemma"
The exhibition will last from 29.03 to 17.04. 2017 in Vinnitsa Regional Center for Contemporary Art Gallery "Art-Shik"
Opening of the exhibition on March 29 (Wednesday) at 17.00

Dilemma - says the Greek origin. Means the need to choose the options possible. Acceptance of any of the judgments - it is a search quarantine, finding a compromise. The project "Dilemma" includes a circle of ethicalquestions; meaningfulness, freedom and responsibility. But during this time, and self-expression through emotions and experiences, which make the viewer think over the individual aspects of our life.
The project "Dilemma" is a synthesis of unique color, richness and deep-skinned. Exposition - a vault of the viewers of the diaspora, because they represent a reflection on the sensible philosophical problems, immersing a person in the middle of the world, which is hidden in more information, below everyday. True artistic intelligence is as good as it is. And this means that, as deeply as we did not perceive an artistic image, in it, forever, there is nothing unseen and inexhaustible, excite us every time as soon as we perceive the image. It is precisely for this reason, being able to speak of paintings by artists, it is impossible to remain indifferent, the only way is to give in to emotions and plunge into their lively "civilization of color".
Art-group "Art-Khotin" is a galaxy of artists-innovators, created in 2010 and united the work of artists of Bukovina; Valentina Kozyar, Mikhail and his son Ivan Kirilenko. The members of the group are self-sufficient and recognized masters, but together they form an interesting phenomenon in the art of Bukovina. Mikhail Kyrylenko is one of the founders of the first art school in Bukovina in the city of Khotin. His pupils Valentin Kozyar and son Ivan Kyrylenko became worthy followers of his creativity. Artists are the participants of All-Ukrainian and international art festivals, auctions, symposiums and exhibitions. Their works are in private collections, museums of Ukraine and abroad.
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