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at the crossroads of Schools


“In art only that person is capable to say something

new who is uneducated enough so as not to know that

everything has already been said”

(Gabriel Laub).


     The artists of art group ART-HOTYN do not look for black cat in the dark room and do not try to invent a wheel. Having absorbed traditions of the best Ukrainian art schools: Odessa and Lviv art schools, the artists are working towards figurative art at the territory of Bukovina. Synthesis of these schools generate unique coloration, intension of characters and depth of sense in pictural paintings of the artists.

     Art group ART-HOTYN is a bright representative of modern art, which was created in 2010. Each of the artists – Mykhailo Kyrylenko, his son Ivan Kyrylenko and Valentyna Kosyar – is a self-sufficient creator, and together they form interesting phenomenon in art of Bukovina.


Day photo

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